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“Captivate her heart and give her a ring that says you want to hold on to her and will never let her go”- anonymous. After relationships engagement can be called as the next step of taking the relationship forward. This time it was Kunal and Twinkle’s engagement. Wedding Twinkles is always ready to go wherever they are destined to. We are always ready with our camera bags and tripod stand. One phone call of yours and we will be there at the venue for the wedding photo shoots. For Kunal and Twinkle it was Radison Blue.

Be it pre- wedding shoots, weddings or engagement- all these days are always special for the couples. It was indeed same here. The couple seemed very much in love with each other. It looked like the poses they gave were quoted with sugarplum. Apart from being young they both looked extremely adorable in all the pictures. Not only in the traditional pictures, had they both looked extremely cute together in the candid pictures as well.

The bride was seen wearing a long flowey Indian gown. The combination of maroon and gold is always excellent. The floor-length gown with netted sleeves and the contrasting gold accessories made her look pretty. The groom wore a dark navy blue sherwani with gold embroidery work on it. The whole event looked amazing. The banquet hall was decorated with beautiful garlands everywhere. As always it was a wonderful experience for the whole team. Congratulations to both for their engagement from the whole team of Wedding Twinkles We wish them a very good luck for their marriage and life after that.

Keep following Wedding Twinkles for the rest of the events pictures of Kunal and Twinkle.