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Pre wedding portfolio shoots have become a trending thing these days. Every couple getting married these days wants one pre wedding shoot of theirs to be done. Be it in fancy places, parks, hotels, mansions, forts or palaces pre-wedding photo shoots are very much in demand. Wedding Twinkles recently had done a professional pre wedding shoot with the couple Arjun and Vanshika in Novotel, Aerocity.
They are getting hitched in an arranged way. Both the bride and the groom looked absolutely adorable in all the photographs. Starting from hotel rooms, to parks to bath tubs we have experimented with them in every angle and poses. Though getting married in an arranged marriage affair both looked immensely in love with each other. Their sweet blush, shyness and the love made the pictures look exceptionally wonderful. The poses they gave were very natural and sweet. All the pictures came out beautiful and of course the credit goes to the couple Arjun and Vanshika.
The couple was seen wearing formal attire-Striped suits, floor length gowns and many more. Their tender love, subtle emotion on their faces makes them look so perfect for each other. We wish the couple a very good luck for their marriage from the whole team of Wedding Twinkles.