Some things never change with time and the extravagance of a classic Indian wedding is one of them. The quintessential “shaadi” is an emotional roller- coaster each moment of which is worth treasuring. That’s exactly why the latest in vogue is- our Candid wedding photography in India.

When you want to harbour even those small little swirls of emotions, then a series of candid photos from our best wedding photographers in Delhi is the best option. To include candid photography in your wedding there are reasons galore….

  • To enhance your pre wedding

Our team of best wedding photographers in India will include some lovely candid shots in your pre wedding shoot. A natural bonding between the two of you will be highlighted in these shots. The beautiful interplay of emotions and quick glances can be shut in a candid frame.


  • To freeze that passing emotion (in pre wedding rituals)


The pre marriage rituals like mehandi and haldi hold strong sentimental values for the family. They are an emotional saga with interludes of fun n frolic. Our candid photographer will capture the tiniest of natural expressions unexpectedly while you are busy with your rituals. He may even surprize you to get that candid click.

  • For fun and spontaneity

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A candid shot goes spontaneous and unprompted. You don’t have to look continuously into the camera with a plastic smile on your face. You can avoid that monotonous thread of clicks, sitting on the stage, with your umpteen number of guests hovering all around you. Enjoy every bit of your D-Day as the photographer swiftly captures your rituals candidly without any interference. Go easy on puppetry posing and special set ups!


  • To steal the bride in making
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Lovely pics of the beautiful bride being embellished with stunning jewellery and make up, surrounded by friends and cousins. These moments are certainly in your not to forget list! Only a professional candid wedding photographer who knows the intricacies of photography can capture them artistically.


  • The jazzy Baraatis and vibrant Ladkiwaalas

The baraat is at the bride’s doorstep. Amongst excitement and celebration in air, the groom with his high spirited baraatis , are a must click! The energetic dancing followed by welcome rituals by the bride’s side ought to be captured naturally. The whole essence of exuberance and jubilation comes out well only in candid pictures.

A flawless wedding album is an amalgamation of Traditional and Candid photography. As you hire the best wedding photographer, he will ascertain that clarity and grace of traditional is blended with creativity of candid.

 So, why not make your most cherished reminiscences the most perfect ones!