Sometimes back we posted about top 10 wedding venues in New Delhi region. This time we are giving tips for selecting a perfect wedding venue.

The venue plays a vital role in making an event or occasions memorable and successful. Even the event planning experts feel that to make a gathering booming you must have a spacious, accessible and well-equipped venue. So if you are planning to book a venue for your wedding or any mass gathering, this piece of information with some major basics will surely help you select the perfect location that will make the gathering memorable not just for you but for your guests too.

Venue’s location
udaipur palace wedding

It’s important that the venue is easily accessible; else it becomes a pain for the guests. Right from the roads to means of transportation, everything should be smooth.

Planner first
If you are planning to do a destination wedding or in a city that is not well –equipped about then go for a local wedding planner, because they are much more familiar with the capabilities of spaces, keeping your needs and demands in mind. And they might end up with some lucrative deal for you. Bingo!

Food and beverage quality

It is not just the ambiance and looks that matters. The venue should be capable of serving good food and quality alcohol because this is something that everyone remembers and quotes every now and then. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the testimonial of the venue to check their track record.

Weather factor


The weather plays a big role if your event is outdoor. So, plan and choose the venue keeping the concept of your event/wedding. There are many venues dedicated to certain kind of theme so if you are clear in your mind, it will be easy for you to select the best that suits you.

Lighting arrangement for wedding photography”>bridal makeup, we spend money to look absolutely amazing on our special day. But without good lighting, there can’t good pictures. So do a survey of venues at night and see the arrangements at the venue.



There are venues that look perfect when it comes to services, but parking is very chaotic and it might spoil the mood of your guests. So pay attention to it and act wisely. Also, make sure about the security system the parking area so that none of your guests suffer any discomfort.

Pen down and crosscheck

Hand Writing in Notebook ** TCN OUT **

When you’re visiting the venue and talking with a venue representative, keep a note of all the promises and services promised in your budget. Keep track of the date, time and name of the person providing the information, and then read back the info while making the final deal or final payment. It will help to review your contract and make the best of the deal.

Guest list

It is inevitable to calculate the number of guests you’re expecting keeping the number of invites you have send across. If you choose a venue that is too small as compared to the number of invites, then it may lead to major chaos on the wedding day. So compare and choose. This will also help you break down your overall budget.

Fix your budget

While selecting a venue, make a checklist of services and kinds of stuff that you need for the D-Day and understand what all is covered under venue charge and what you have to outsource and then do final calculation. If it fits in your budget it’s perfect. If it exceeds, then better to search for more options. Here the local wedding planners can be at your rescue.

Guests’ comfort

If the wedding involves majority of out-of-town guests then opt for a venue that has accommodation facility or has a nearby hotel that suits your standard. Don’t forget to check comfort level within the venue, too. Check with the accommodation capacity and services available.

Be truthful

Yes, guests are important and so is their comfort, but at the end, its your lifetime day, so choose everything according to your taste and preference. A slight change in the dream is acceptable but never gets carried away. Choose a space and a design that’s a representation of who you are.