Turn your love saga into a magical mystery of Gulliver’s Travels

Experience the magic of Miniature Photography Now in Delhi

Oh well, the good old days often take us back to the lovely summer afternoons spent with Charles Dickens, Jonathon Swift, Enid Blyton and so on. Fantasizing about their perfect mysterious lives, we couldn’t help but dream of our personal fairy tale in such a pretty place. Haven’t we all done that? Admit it. Gulliver’s Travels is one such fiction which narrates the tale of an extraordinarily huge man accidentally dropped in the city of Lilliputs during his voyage. And what if we told you that you can re-live the fantasy world with our specialized Miniature Photography now in Delhi exclusively.

Wedding twinkles has always tried and effortlessly created an incredible journey for thousands of people all over. Our passion to captivating Pre-Wedding shoot for couples entrusted us with a zest to introduce the concept of Miniature Photography in India. We just wrapped up with a fun and playful miniature photography of couple- Akshat and Divya- so much in love- who wanted a different theme and OTB Pre-Wedding idea.

Without giving it a second thought, we knew it had to be Miniature Photography and now you can also avail the opportunity to frame some memorable snaps with your significant other in our special “Pre-Wedding Miniature for couples”. We welcome our arms to all the people who want to get their Miniature Photography in India. Come and be a part of our beautiful family.

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