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Couple Photographer in India : For couples young and old, photo shoots are a chance to express their love for each other and share their stories with others.

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With your wedding bells ringing, the time is best to have your creative couple photo shoot done.
Also at the time when most of our photos get lost in our phone memory, a professional couple photo shoot by a couple photographer is a good option for timeless, enduring reminder of your precious moments.

Couple photo shoots by Wedding Twinkles, the best wedding photographers in Delhi will get you a thriving collection of photos for life.
Pre-wedding shoot photos are much in vogue these days with couples going flighty over the idea of cool couple photography before the D day.

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Many things have to be kept in mind for some cool pre-wedding shoot photos. After all these pics will be your remembrances for life. The attire, make up, hair and looks need to be perfect apart from taking care of the location of the pre-wedding shoot.
We at Wedding Twinkles have the best couple photographers in Delhi who plan a classy yet cool candid pre-wedding shoot to get the best pics on your album.


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Couples must also not overlook the importance of varied poses which would bring out the best wedding couple Indian in them. Some basic yet favourite poses are –

Leaning pose: – This is a favourite pose by our couple photographers where the partners sit back to back giving and aesthetic appeal to the picture. Truly romantic!

Back hug pose:  For an adorable remembrance do not forget to add this post to your album. It makes an emotional picture to cherish!

Proposing pose-. The very moment capturing Dawn of love in a relationship is a favourite in candid pre-wedding shoot.

Classic hugging pose- Simple expression of love! This pose is a must have in marriage couple pics. The couple photographer captures these blooming moments of romance in pre-wedding shoot photos.

Fun pose.- Add the fun element to your marriage couple pics with some creative, quirky poses. These add add vibrance to your journey!

Paris pre wedding shoot

Kashmir Pre Wedding

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Couple photographers at wedding twinkles always create a casual, fun atmosphere on the set. They maintain a good rapport with the couple to make them comfortable. This gets the best expressions possible from this somehow nervous couples.
Not to forget that a good pre-wedding shoot brings out amazing chemistry in marriage couple pics on the wedding day.


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