Makeup Artist in Delhi Tips : Airbrush vs traditional

Best Makeup Artist in Delhi Tips : As you dress up as a bride for the most special day of your life, you would want your dress and make up to look amazing. After all, all eyes will be on your pretty face and dress!


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Your make up artists are your super heroes at this time! The best make up artist in Delhi helps you make the right decision between traditional make up and airbrush make up.

To be more comfortable on your wedding day you should prepare early. Take a trial for your bridal make up and see what is best for you. Here is an overview of traditional make up versus airbrush make up.


Difference in nature –


Traditional make up is the regular make up which comes in liquid, cream or powder form. It is being used for centuries by make up artist in Delhi. It comes in a wide range of pigments and provides various levels of coverage. It is a very versatile form of make up.


On the other hand airbrush make up is a lightweight make up that is done with an airbrush gun machine. It is spread as a fine mist on your face and it produces a thin even layer of make up. The best make up artist in Delhi believe that it gives a natural look with no visible lines. There are three types of airbrush make up – silicon, water, alcohol.

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Difference in mode of application –


When you opt for a good make up artist course in Delhi, you are taught the basic difference in execution of airbrush versus traditional make up.


A good make up artist course in Delhi gives you a know-how of traditional make up. Fingertips, sponge or brushes are used to apply traditional make up. The best make up artist in Delhi apply it skilfully without leaving obvious traces of application.

In airbrush make up, the make up artist puts small amount of special formula make up in the air gun machine. And then  sprays it in a controlled manner. The mist of mixed foundation colours gives a natural look rather than a caked look.

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Benefits of-

 traditional make up- It is a versatile kind of make up used easily by all make up artists. It is very easy to apply and much more cheaper. It does not require special equipment or special training. Traditional make up done skilfully by good make up artists covers the pose, wrinkles and blemishes of skin.


Airbrush– It is a winner all the way due to the flawless finish it gives without caked effect. It is more natural looking and it feels as if you are not wearing any make-up. Airbrush make up last long and does it not need frequent touchups. It is more hygienic and above all waterproof make up which does not smudge easily. Best option for the bride!

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What is best for your wedding day?

Expert make up artists in Delhi suggest that airbrush make up is better than traditional make up for wedding. It is long-lasting, natural looking and more. Above all hiring a good make up artist is most important as how a make up is applied is more important then what kind of make up it is !! Book your wedding photographer today here !