7 things your wedding photographer wants you to know

Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most memorable day of your life. You need nothing less than the best wedding photographer in India to garner these special moments for you. The wedding photographer should not only be artistic but highly professional.

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Depending upon your location, when you search for a good ‘wedding photographer near me’, whether it is a wedding photographer in Kerala, or a wedding photographer in Delhi or a wedding photographer in Kolkata or any other location for that matter, you obviously want to have a detailed know-how about him. An experienced and professional wedding photographer will have all your queries answered for you.

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Catering to your expectations, here is a pointer check list of important things that your wedding photographer wants you to know.


  • Style and Presentation of wedding photographer- A wedding photographer explains his primary styles and types of photography techniques he is going to use. Creative photography, candid photography and drone photography or some of the latest trend nowadays. You must be aware of the kind of photography he has to offer.
    • His experience and expertise. The best wedding photographers in Delhi shares his work and range of weddings he has covered. He illustrates his expertise in the field of wedding photography and gives himself a fair chance to present his projects
    • Full time or hobbyist. The professional wedding photographer in Delhi prioritises your wedding over other things. Similarly be it a wedding photographer in Kerala, wedding photographer in Kolkata or anywhere in India, the photographer explains that he is not an amateur and rather a true professional.
    • Wedding photography package offered. The photographer tells you the Wedding photography packages available; including pre-wedding shoot, covering various functions, total hours of coverage, overtime charges and possible customisation for you. You can choose the best package according to your need and choice and explain your personal requirements beforehand.
    • Wedding photography quotes offered. The wedding photographer gives details of the comprehensive expenses and gives you the best wedding photography quotes. You can make your choice by comparing prices with others.
      • Insurance and back up. A reputed and listed wedding photographer will give guarantee of his work and equipment. He ensures minimum risk in case of breakdown, damage or loss of equipment as he is insured and carries his back up equipment.
      • On-time delivery of albums. The best wedding photographer in India clarifies in advance the delivery time of photos and videos. Number of photographs and duration of video will be informed beforehand.

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