We’re no aliens to ever experience the mistakes often caused by the client or by us as a team. However, what keeps us moving ahead is the will to learn from our mistakes and keep experimenting with photography because it’s too mainstream otherwise. What most professional photographers understand by “mistakes” is not the poor coordination with client or lack of team spirit, rather using an average equipment for shoot which we completely disagree with. Here are a few lessons you might need when someone points the common wedding photography mistakes and don’t blame it on that equipment.

Asking for too Many Shots

common wedding photography mistakes

There are some couples who would go crazy about getting their maximum shots or sometimes, the parents of the couple often disrupt photographers with a million relative and paraphernalia snaps. Sorry to say, but we’re interested to shoot what’s important and wedding couple images are certainly a priority task.

Looking at the Camera All the Time

common wedding photography mistakes

It’s always advised to stay natural and act normal because you know candid photography is a thing. Capturing the essence of the moment is extremely important unless someone wants just fine wedding photographs. Sit back , relax and drown yourselves into the happiness because it’s your Big Day. Forget your worries especially the marriage photography session.

Not Hiring a Professional Photographer

common wedding photography mistakes

Setting up a lavish wedding venue space- check. Designer Outfit- Check. Professional Photographer– Not Required? Oh well, Think Twice we’d say. When going for all things perfect and pretty, why do you want a wedding album to look like piece of trash. Select a perfect wedding photographer equipped with the right skill set and you can read out article on ( How to choose a perfect wedding photographer)

Not Finalizing the Wedding Day Schedule

common wedding photography mistakes

Allow lots of spare time for photographer team to prepare themselves with the equipments, ideas, lightning and theme. It’s equally important to inform your photographers about the wedding schedule as much as your guests because all your special moments are compiled by them to look back at these memories and express your emotions.

Not Putting Enough Budget to Photography

budget photographer

With advancements in technology, we have certainly moved way ahead of our time and the credit goes to the inventor-Man. So, why do you want to stick to your roots and just save a few extra bucks for the typical stereotype traditional photography. Look ahead and go with the flow, book professional photographers with an eye to detail for getting the best wedding photo shoots and best engagement photos too.

Not Planning Group Photo Shoots

group photo

Add a flavour of fun and frolic because weddings are incomplete without drama, music and great company. This is the worst mistake you can ever do by not snapping group moments. The best wedding photo shoots are the ones with a compelling and cheery crowd, we bet’cha Punjabi weddings are so much fun for a sole reason- Huge Family.

Forgetting to Smile


Either you aren’t happy with the wedding or perhaps you don’t want to look awesome in your wedding couple images. Whatever the case maybe, weddings are a happy joyous and beautiful occasion to meet and greet with friends and family. So, get up, groove and smile all the way.