Love is that four magical letters that can happen anytime- before marriage or after marriage. Richa and

Yash is the new couple for wedding twinkles this time. It’s either love or arranged marriage shoots that

we come across but this time it was a arranged cum love marriage happening this time. Now this is

something different and exciting. Marriage decided and fixed by the family and then falling in love- isn’t

it an amazing thing?

The pre-wedding shoot was a destination shoot this time with the couple in Goa. Goa is always lovely

with its serene beaches, cool breeze, sexy night clubs, and casinos. The pre-wedding shoot was mostly

done on the beach; some of the shots were also taken on the sea side hotels. Both the love birds looked

adorable and cute together. Their expressions, blush says everything. Being professional wedding

photographers it became easy for us to do the photo shoot with them. The blue floor length gown worn

by the bride looked extremely wonderful. The groom was seen wearing a well sorted suit in a dinner

date together. In the beach sequence the couple was seen wearing very casual beachy attire like shorts

and tees. Both the bride and the groom knew all the poses and expressions.

From the team of Wedding Twinkles we wish the couple good luck for their marriage.

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