Weddings can be both a dream and a nightmare if not done right. when brides are already overloaded with undue pressure to look great at all the functions, damn, we know the pain of carrying a 10kg lehenga in equally painful pencil heels. Well, we got you a solution of how to choose the right pair of wedding shoe and totally nail your wedding day with a dreamy look.

Invest in shoes before the wedding trousseau

choosing wedding shoes

A major problem with almost all the Indian brides who get a panic attack when the wedding dates are around the corner. Rushing to buy your favourite lehenga and totally forgetting about the footwear is a big big mistake. Always choose your footwear before you go for the outfit for a simple reason. The height of heels will make you understand what should be the length of your outfit. Second, if you have minimal shoes, it makes sense to have some embellishments or embroidery on the outfit but in case you’re choosing a glittery pair, you don’t want to end up being a wedding cake.

Choose a Statement Pair

comfortable wedding shoes

Because a statement outfit is such a pass√©. It’s always advisable to stand out and the best way is to match your statement pair of shoe with the theme of wedding venue and of course take some cues from your outfit. Colors like hot pink, fuschia, blood red, gold are too much in vogue, so go ahead bride -to-be and take all the valid chances to look your best.

Comfort always comes first

1.4 Comfort always comes first

When choosing a pair of wedding shoe, make sure that they aren’t biting or entangling in your outfit. It’s always safe to buy a good pair of branded shoe because tripping down the aisle is not a dream right?

Theme-Appropriate Shoe

wedding shoes selection

Do not choose a pair of wedding shoe with a blind eye. We totally understand your love for pencil heels but wearing them at a beach wedding is a BIG NO. So, keep the venue and theme in mind before investing for the right pair. Also, discuss with your family and friends before going for a shoe spree.

Keep a spare handy

comfortable wedding shoes for bride

You just can’t walk into your wedding without taking a spare pair of shoe. Because let’s not assume anything bad but taking due precautions is never a bad idea. And make sure you already try them before the D-Day arrives and dance your way to glory.