Why pre-wedding shoot is essential?

Pre-wedding shoot are much in vogue nowadays and have become an integral part of a wedding album.


Termed as the ‘first impressions of blooming love’; pre-wedding photos harbour the most enigmatic and blissful moments of your pre-wedding courtship period.

For some couples it may sound fancy, extraneous and expensive. But the truth is that a good pre-wedding shoot actually helps a couple to weave perfect fairytale of remembrance frame by frame…

Pre Wedding Shoot


Here are a few reasons why you will never regret opting for a pre-wedding shoot-


Capturing your blissful courtship period – Celebrate your blooming love story and your special cosy moments together. Professional wedding photography would help you convey your beautiful chemistry click by click. Definitely they would be your most cherished photographs for years to come.

Pre Wedding Shoot Price


Getting photo ready for the D Day – Facing the camera can be a herculean task for many. Feeling awkward and shy in front of the numerous lenses pointing at you is absolutely normal. Here a pre-wedding photography session comes to your rescue and helps you strike a rapport with your photographer and also with the shutters of the camera.

Pre Wedding Shoot



Stack up photographs for your Insta and Facebook posts-

Pose extensively for those ravishing couple photographs which can be shared on social media. After all high-quality pictures can be saved for future posts and as best memories of togetherness. So opt for professional pre-wedding shoot which describes your taste and chemistry as a couple.

Pre Wedding Shoot Price


For personalised invitations and gifting ideas – Flaunt your cute couple pics for ‘Save the date’ cards. Give your invitation a personal touch by incorporating your pre-wedding photographs in it. Trail of photographs can be used to uplift the decor and create an enchanting ambience in the wedding venue. Brighten up the evening with a slideshow of your pre-wedding photographs.

Pre Wedding photos

Let loose yourself the informal way – While wedding day is all about being formal, shy and absolutely cowish; your pre-wedding shoot is the chance to let loose yourself in front of the camera. A creative wedding photographer will capture you in your rhythm. Give your creativity a swish and let the best of your emotions come alive.

Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Explore off beat locations –Hunt for a place where romance is in the air and that is your ultimate pre-wedding shoot destination. Feel the warmth of your partner-to-be at a location which you would cherish for life. Little moments like these create big happy memories.


And if all these reasons can’t flatter you then ‘Just being with your partner’ should be the reason enough for a sweet, romantic photo shoot just before you get love locked  for life. And I bet you can’t ignore that!


So, should we click?!….


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