Pre Wedding Shoot Price : How much does it cost ?

Pre Wedding Shoot Price : this is one common question which every couple has in mind once they start planning for the wedding photography . Loads of couple are not in favour of the idea, but according to us thats the only time when you guys can have fun & get some beautiful pre wedding photos before you get busy with wedding celebrations .

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If you are ready to get one done , the Venue and theme totally depends on you . We at WeddingTwinkles – one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR will help you execute it . While we have covered all kinds of  pre wedding shoots- in India & Abroad.   Coming back to the main question that runs on you heads, – how much does a pre wedding shoot really cost?


Pre Wedding Shoot Price


If you are only looking for Photography your pre wedding shoot, this is the average costing in India :
  • Fresher / Beginner Photographers mightcharge  from about Rs 10,000 to 12,000 for a pre wedding shoot.
  • Mid-level Wedding photographers will charge anything between Rs 20,000- 30,000.
  •  Popular photographers might charge above Rs 50,000 for a pre wedding shoot.
  • There are photographers who charge on Hourly basis as well . So if you not want a too fancy & looking for simple pre wedding photoshoot this will help .

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Hope this gives you a clear picture about the price of pre wedding shoot .  The costing goes up when you plan to add videos or a pre wedding shoot with different concepts and post production. If you want to get a shoot done with your better half, then ideally you could get that included in your pre wedding shoot or your getting ready shots as well.

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Another great tip for saving money is to ask popular wedding photographers if they are currently shooting a pre wedding in any city or destination which you like, in that case  you will not have to additionally pay up for their travel, conveyance and stay. But yes, if you’ve chosen a photography package for your wedding and the photographers have thrown in the pre wedding shoot for free, then you will still have to pay the overheads if it is a destination pre wedding shoot you’re planning to have.


Pre Wedding Shoot Price



Ladakh pre wedding shoot price

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Dubai pre wedding shoot price

Pre Wedding Shoot Price


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