KPIX9999 Love blossoms when two-likeminded people come together with a sole promise of walking hand in hand. Such is the sweet love story of our love birds, Madhuri and Bhavik. Ever wondered two strangers tying the knot could be so truly, madly and deeply in love.KPIX9950 copy KPIX9828 copy


KPIX9787 copy KPIX9784 KPIX9782 KPIX9732 copy Our pretty bride-to-be is based out of Dubai and hailing from Maharashtra looks resplendent in all the pictures. Her dreamy silhouettes and soft features are sure to cast a spell on the oh-so-dashing Gujju groom-to-be Bhavik. The pretty pictures prove just that.KPIX0502 KPIX0500

The couple oozes young passion, romance and a bond which is ethereal. Flowers is just another way of conveying love and shower some care for your partner. Here’s how the couple does that right:

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And when it’s time to play, nothing else than this shot and perfect frame could capture!


Play another song and make me sway for a while. Let’s create a few moments, just you, me and us 🙂

KPIX0410 KPIX0398 KPIX0390 KPIX0320 KPIX0277 KPIX0272

A true partner unleashes innocence at it’s best. Madhuri shows how to do it.

KPIX0200 KPIX0186 KPIX0162 KPIX0073 KPIX0072

Isn’t that all what a girl always dreams of? The vintage background, charming prince and a royal affair is all that this picture showcases. We are drooling over this breathtaking shot.

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