They say love happens at first sight or maybe after a series of fights but for our adorable couple Chirag and Akriti, love knows no boundaries, no clichés or benchmark. They found each other on the rarest occasions, befriended over time and nurtured that special feeling through serendipity! We know that happens once and it’s just as beautiful as mounting castles of dreams. Let’s peek-a-boo and learn some interesting facts about their quirky bonding.



Chirag, AD director by profession and philosopher by choice is the most sorted man one could ever meet. His calm and composed demeanor won many hearts but the cupid had some different plans. Many many years ago, at a friend’s house party in Bombay, the young charismatic Chirag acquainted the beautiful and graceful Akriti. She is the girl gifted with the nightingale voice and sheer beauty. While climbing the sky-touching tower of their friend’s house which was apparently housed at 19th floor and the lift was out of service, our AD man started humming a classical Jagjeet Singh ghazal. (We so love the dramatic first meeting J ) Akriti, the singing sensation who sung innumerable Bollywood tracks, smilingly complimented for she too has a deep interest in the ghazals. You got that right!


They clicked 🙂 “Accept” and became friends on every social media platform. Conversations brewed and after a few months, the Blackberry friends were in a good touch. One fine day, Chirag updated a musical status and you guessed it right, Akriti was bowled and she decided to compose a song using those lyrics. Pile of work mounted on their head and fate kept them apart for some time. But, Chirag won’t give up so easily, he was firm about striking a real conversation and initiated her to meet for work related stuff. Ah, so they spend good 5-6 hours at a café chit-chatting about every atom and element on this planet but certainly not work. So, now we know it was all pre-decided and this beautiful couple was meant to be together. Here are some more pictures of their larger than life wedding.

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