Getting hitched this wedding season? Looking for qualified photographers who can captivate your most precious moments in beautiful frames? Facing difficulty while understanding the wedding photography services offered by photographers? Don’t give up. All you need to do is know about these services in detail and make an informed choice!

As a prospective bride or a groom, you must ensure that you look the best even in the pictures captured on your d-day and thus you must choose experienced wedding photographers who specialise in producing quality work. However, when it comes to wedding photography, there are numerous services offered by leading wedding photographers. Understanding the various genres or styles of wedding photography can thus be the key to choose the type of services which best fit your needs.

Here are a few types of services offered by skilled photographers!

Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

4 Services to Expect While Hiring Leading Wedding Photographers in Delhi

  1. Pre-Wedding Photography

Availing pre-wedding photography services can be a great way to capture the special moments of the building bond between couples. From capturing the true love and affection a couple has for each other to picturing your great chemistry, availing pre-wedding photography in Delhi can be the ideal way to explore the other side of your bonding before you begin a new journey. What adds to the feel of great pre-wedding photography is that it amalgamates various other elements like vibrant energy, romantic location and clothes detailing.

Pre Wedding Photography in Delhi

  1. Wedding Films

Wedding cinematography is about making a film where the bride and her groom are cast as the leading characters. The entire story revolves around the couple and other people who play an important role in their love story. Since these wedding films are nothing short of Bollywood movies, high-end equipment and gadgets are utilised for adding cinematic effects. Professionals even bring great transitions and romantic music tracks while creating wedding films.

Wedding Cinematographers in Delhi


  1. Candid Wedding Photography

Choosing candid wedding photography in Delhi can be the most advanced way to capture your big day. Candid photographers captivate your special moments as they pass by throughout the day so that your true emotions and natural expressions can be preserved. To ensure that you get moments which can be cherished for a lifetime, these professionals even capture the nitty-gritty of every ritual. It is the skill of capturing the special moments without disturbing the subject which makes candid photography a popular art.

Candid Wedding Photography in Delhi

  1. Wedding Makeup Services

To cater to the needs of their vast clientele, leading photographers like Wedding Twinkles, even specialise in offering professional bridal makeup services. Using high-quality products and colours is important for having an look for the most auspicious occasion. Availing reliable and affordable wedding makeup services in India from reputed make-up artists is thus important for enhancing your bridal look on your big day.

wedding makeup services in India

Now that you are aware of the various wedding photography services, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to let the diligent team of experienced wedding photographers at Wedding Twinkles make the most special occasion of your life eternal!

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