Ideas Pre-Wedding Photography in Delhi


So you are planning to get a pre-wedding shoot? Looking for some innovative ideas other than those dreamy romantic poses?

Why be limited to those outdated themes which end up making you and your photos look boring and ordinary? Simply sit back and scroll down as we bring to you some of the most trendy pre-wedding photography inspirations for every kind of couple!

Pre-wedding photo shoots are the best when they beautifully portray the love of the couple to the fullest. You have complete freedom in selecting the theme that best represents your bonding and relationship. To get the best images of your affectionate moments, discover your interests and incorporate them into your photo shoot as a couple. Moreover, you need to ensure that your pre-wedding photography in Delhi is full of bang and be all forms of romantic.

Pre-Wedding Photography

Here are few cool and unique shoot ideas that will surely inspire you with beautiful, creative, amazing and colourful themes!

5 Fabulous Ideas To Help You Plan Your Pre-Wedding Photography in Delhi

    1. Underwater Photo Shoot
      Sounds dreamy, isn’t it? Well, no matter how impractical or unreal it may sound, this kind of pre-wedding photo shoot is very much possible when you choose experienced photographers.Gone are those days when underwater photography was limited only for fashion shoots. Today, even modern couples are opting for such dreamy photo shoots. Imagine being surrounded by the calmness of the aquatic life while the most whimsical pictures are captured with your best half.
      Underwater Photo Shoot
    2. Miniature Delights
      Do you wish to relive your most favourite childhood moments by giving a playful edge to your pre-wedding photography? Opting for miniature photo shoots can be a great way to make your pre-wedding album super cute and unique. These look goofy, adorable and awesome and can turn into the mini you!
      miniature photography
    3. The Natural Candid
      Opting for candid wedding photography in Delhi as your pre-wedding theme can be a great opportunity for you to get some lovey-dovey moments with your partner, without the fear of being judged! From sharing those lovely glances to blowing a kiss to your partner and watching as he/she does to you, you can get captured with the most genuine feelings.
    4. Destination Photo Shoot
      When you are all ready to go the extra mile to make your pre-wedding album unique, why not go and get your photo shoot done at a picturesque location? Be it the heavenly Kashmir, stunning Leh – Ladakh or the royal Udaipur, opting for destination pre-wedding can be a great choice. Moreover, a small getaway before your wedding can definitely be an added charm.
      Destination Photo Shoot


  1. Comic Capers
    Comical and whimsical themes can beautifully transform your pre-wedding photo shoot experience. Co-ordinate with your wedding photographer about the particular comic strip you have in your mind to re-create your vision into reality. Get the right outfits and props and ensure that they colour co-ordinate each other.

Now that you are aware of these amazing ideas, what are you still waiting for? Quickly approach a leading wedding photographer and start planning your offbeat pre-wedding photo shoot!

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