Weddings are perhaps the most awaited yet celebrated occasions etched in everyone’s heart and soul for a really long time. When decoding the complicated puzzle of finalizing your go-to wedding photographer, it becomes extremely important to keep a few things in mind. It can be a task to find the professional wedding photographers who can match your taste or aesthetic- not to forget someone who can truly capture the essence of emotional moments.

Here’s your staple answer to the “What-Ifs” circling your mind :

Consult and network

Wedding photography tips

It’s always important to discuss and learn from your friends and relatives about the latest¬†wedding photography trends like Miniature photography, Candid photography etc, packages and industry prices. Word of mouth works wonders when it comes to selecting the ideal wedding photographer. Birds of a feather flock together and therefore, your friends share common styles and budgets. So, do not shy away from taking their call and freezing on the preferred wedding photographers.

All hail to Social Media

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A great news for all you social media aficionados who love to track and explore all the latest trends and ideas in fashion and lifestyle segment. It’s time to put your skills to test by endless scrolling on Instagram, pinning the favourite images and creating mood boards, browsing and stalking on Facebook to finally settle for the person you might not have found otherwise. Alternatively, you can make use of “Explore” feature on Instagram and type the relevant hashtags like #weddingphotography , #weddingtrends, #professionalweddingphotographers etc. to meet the photographer of your dreams!

Embrace your style

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There’s nothing wrong with settling for a particular style because it ultimately helps you solve a million problems. Go with the flow and review the photographer’s portfolio if you’re looking for something specific in taste and style. Settle your mind for organic aesthetic photography or candid experimental fine arts photography or just choose someone with an eye to capture details so that you could have them all in one wedding album.

Go with the flow

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Perhaps, this is the most important feature to keep in mind since photography mistakes can cause hassles, always know about your venue and setting. Don’t blindly fix any wedding photographer who has majority of pictures clicked in the outdoor airy space especially when you have booked an indoor venue in the city. Think, research and review for a smooth planning process.

Compare Packages

compare wedding package

This is perhaps the quintessential aspect while selecting the wedding photographer for your wedding. Go through all the leading wedding photographers in Delhi and surrounding areas and research about their packages. Wedding photography prices should be well-thought of before freezing your ideal candidate. Keeping in mind the possible wedding photography mistakes like copyrighting, taking less photos of family/close friends or blurring should be avoided. In majority cases, photographers don’t flaunt their pricing in the album online rather it’s specified in the portfolio. SO, make sure you’re informed about different types of photographers and their ideal packages. Prices can be negotiated but only until a certain point which should be a criteria too.

Take recommendation from vendors

wedding photographer recommendation

Yet another genius way of decoding your main photographer is to get suggestions from the vendors you got on board. Wedding industry is a close-knit community and asking for such favors is just NBD. You can also visit their website and get an insight of who was the official wedding photographer at certain weddings.

Bonding over photography

Just like you prefer tea over coffee on a rainy day, it’s important to have a perfect photographer by your side to capture exactly the same emotion, frame and detail during the wedding. When communicating, make sure you list down the venue and dates among other essential information. You must lie down the basics about your vision and personality to mesh your personality with that of photographer. Establish your trust with the wedding photographers right from the start to continue the fun association with them on the most intimate day of your life.

Sign off with care

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There are a few details you should keep in mind before signing that contract. Most importantly, when do you want the final images and in what format. Discuss and confirm the settings with utmost care and precision to ensure hassle-free and enjoyable moments on your wedding.