Research and behavior study says that choosing the right season to get married speaks a lot about your personality. That’s the reason wedding planners suggest to select the month in accordance with the personality and preferences of the couple.

While selecting the month many factors should be considered but it all comes down to your expectations and desires! Experts say that April to October is considered the best months, especially the months of July and October.

However selection also depends on the weather conditions of the region where you are planning to get married.

Trend says that spring and fall are very expensive wedding seasons while winter weddings are comparatively cheap with exception of holiday celebration months, such as December.

Though choosing an off-wedding season can be cost-effective in terms of budget and expediency. But don’t forget to check that your wedding month should not have any holiday or festival as it will recede all the off- season benefits.

Here is a brief description of the seasons highlighting the trend that rule in that particular season. Read to know more and choose your season wisely.


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Spring is the season of bright colors and simplified eating habits. So if you love to wear bright hues and eat simple food then schedule your wedding during these months. An outdoor wedding will be a great idea however spring has varying effects in different regions therefore rain cover and heating options must be kept in mind to keep you guests calm.



Summer season is considered ideal for planning a wedding as it gives great margin in having any kind of wedding style such as beach wedding, pool side and garden wedding; an indoor wedding (banquet) or night party with fireworks. But be prepared for pricey services and venues after all majority weddings take place during the season because of vacations and holidays.




This warm season gives you the scope to play around intense and beautiful color pallet like crimson, orange, brown and gold. A perfect season for outdoor wedding set-up that enjoys natural beauty and fragrance. But the season often sees storm and rainfall, so if you are ready for it, then go ahead.



Winter wedding calls for an elegant indoor set-up. From comforting food to enriched dressing, the weather gives the scope for everything very formal and sophisticated as well as cozy and comfortable. Winter weddings can be high-budget or economical, depending upon your geographical location and venue choices. So if you dream of the above-mentioned points, then winter wedding can be the best to create lifetime memories with your loved ones.