Wedding is a big thing is every couple’s life and It is very obvious that everybody wants to make it special. Destination wedding is something that is very much in trend these days. Everybody these days wants to get married from their own city away from the entire hustle bustle these days. We all know that India is a country with diverse races and communities. Weddings in India are any day much more than life affair, thus you need to celebrate this special day in a special way. India is a country full of amazing and exotic wedding destinations, thus these days couples celebrate their weddings in a different way. Not only this, these days’ pre-wedding has also become an important thing in every couple’s life. Couples get their portfolios done in various destinations. Yes you are hearing it right- pre wedding photo shoots are the most trending thing these days. Why going to some other place when you have so many beautiful places to get your pre-wedding shoot done in and around Delhi

Let’s have a look at the top 5 pre wedding destinations in and around Delhi:

    • ITC Grand Bharat: ITC Grand Bharat in Gurgaon is an amazing place for pre wedding photo shoot. The place itself is very grand with a touch of traditional touch in it. The long corridors, the pillars, the poolside, the fresh green grass everywhere is something that makes it so different and beautiful from every other place. The essence of class and royalty is something that attracts the couple and thus they chose ITC Grand Bharat for their pre-wedding photo shoot. The interior looks very sorted with beautiful wall paintings and the lighting is something that should be talked about.

Pre-Wedding filmed at ITC:

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_RET7532 copy

_RET7651 copy

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  • Dusit Devrana: is also a good option if you are planning for a pre-wedding photo shoot anytime sooner. Dusit also has a very traditional touch but it can be called more as contemporary. The huge fields, the water bodies are the main highlights of them. They have huge pillars which make them so unique. It has a lot of green in it. The green grace, trees planted everywhere in and around the whole place. So getting a pre-wedding photo shoot done in Dusit is definitely a jce idea if you like contemporary.

    Prewedding film at Dusit Devrana:

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  • Noor Mahal: Noor Mahal is a five star luxury hotel. Situated in National Highway 1, sector 32- Haryana, it serves as an amazing pre wedding as well as a wedding location. This place has a very traditional touch. The hotel itself looks like a mahal as the name suggests. Every couple wants to get something different in their wedding. They want to make it special, so why getting your pre-wedding shoot done in an ordinary place? If you like royalty and a place similar to palace then Noor Mahal is the best option for you


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  • Fair Mont, Jaipur: Fairmont is an amazing location for your wedding or a pre-wedding shoot. The scenic beauty is something that pulls everyone to this place. Long roads, green grace, water bodies, broad staircase which has a traditional touch in it, big wall paintings are something that makes Fair Mont so popular. Just 6 and half hours away from Delhi this place serves as one of the best places for pre-wedding and wedding destinations1559438_685617898127042_1476549137_o-600x4001075321_686937607995071_1794176244_o1607063_686938461328319_326231026_n
  • 1545625_686938447994987_91879151_n 1538943_686937531328412_1819933898_n
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  • Neemrana Fort: Neemrana Fort is a big tourist spot. Situated in Jaipur highway it is very beautiful place for pre-wedding photo shoot. A beautiful palace, ancient walls, big pillars are the main highlights of this place. Have a look at the pictures:
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  • KVK_0903 a copy KVK_0969 a copy PB__0245 a copy



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