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The quintessential Indian “Shaadi” can be described as an extravagant classic wedding, each moment of which is worth treasuring.Picking the right candid wedding photographer is one of the top priority.


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As Photography has always been a big part of an Indian wedding , the best wedding photographers in Delhi strive continuously to evolve in terms of photography techniques.

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Candid photography is now much in vogue and we, at Wedding Twinkles, boast of being the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi.

Capturing a special emotional moment when people are totally unaware of it! Thats the beauty of candid photography.

A candid photographer covers the whole area taking unnoticed natural shots of the ceremonies and rituals. Termed as a more ‘high end type’ of photography, candid photography requires expensive equipment and an expertise in the field of photography. Capturing emotions in their purest form, rather than getting the subjects to pose with instructions, is an art in itself. The final Photo album has a sense of realism.

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Why our candid photographers are the best! –


Ready any time with equipment – Our candid photographers always keep an eye for the moment and keep their cameras ready to capture the tiniest swirl of emotions. They keep their equipment handy and well set.

Capturing the emotional wedding rituals –Mehandi , Haldi and Pheras are ceremonies which hold high sentimental values for the family. While you are involved with the rituals, our candid photographers steal your favourite moments and natural expressions which you would cherish for life.

Spontaneity is their baseline – Go easy on puppetry posing and a continuous plastic smile for the camera! Every bit of your special day is captured spontaneously and unpromptedly by our swift candid photographers.

A sneak peek into the brides room – The jewellery and embellishments of the bride ; her beautiful moments of laughter amidst her friends and bridesmaids are captured well by our photographers.

Capturing the vibrance and high spirits – Energetic dancing and playful rituals are captured skilfully by our candid photographers. Right clicks bring out the essence of celebration and jubilation perfectly.

 Set up or plan in advance – Our candid photographers foresee the expected events in advance and make plans accordingly. They scout out good locations for some great shots. A little planning gives great endresults.

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A complete wedding album is an amalgamation of traditional and candid photographs. A creative wedding photographer makes sure to blend the flawless candid with the beautiful traditional to give you a perfect spice of every moment of your wedding.

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